Thoroughly Versatile Hybrid Recording Studio based in London, with vintage and modern equipment

Recently refurbished throughout

Large control room

Vocal booth

Drum room with slate wall

Dedicated Guitar Tone Room

Access to all of our instruments

Air conditioned and centrally heated

Private entrance

Complete coloured lighting control for the perfect creative setting


Newly refurbished in 2024, Studio A sits at the heart of our HQ in London and is our principle recording and mixing space.

Centred around the legendary MIDAS H3000 analogue console, this space comprises our spacious Control Room, our Guitar and Amp Tone Room, a dedicated Drum Room with a slate wall, and an isolated Vocal Booth.

To add to the flexibility of the space, the rooms in Studio A are also linked via either analogue copper and cat 6a to all of the other studio spaces in the building, allowing you to record much larger projects for anything up to small orchestras, or offering more isolation with larger collections of musicians distributed into anything up to 14 separate spaces around the building.

Each room is linked via IP CCTV cameras and NDI video feeds, so no matter where you are in the building you can see what the rest of your group are doing. With an NDI feed coming from the main Mac Pro you can keep track of exactly where you are with the project too.

We can also use the screens in Studio A and around the rest of the building (including our 12m2 LED screen in the reception ceiling) to brand our studios for your artist, client, or occasion.

The space (alongside our lovely team) is perfectly suited for recording anything from music to audio books, podcasts to commercials, and when combined with the video side of the business we are just as at home recording and mixing audio for video.

Studio A is the ideal creative space for artists to bring their musical visions to life. It forms a key part of what we do here and we feel it is one of the most versatile recording studios in London.

Features of Studio A

The studio