Rehearsal Studio Production Office for up to six people to work and relax comfortably

Dedicated Fibre Leased Line with Satellite backup for reliable internet

WiFi and cabled internet connections available

Cat 6a ties to the main space and the rest of the building

Alexa controlled lighting

Studio wide IP CCTV and NDI based camera network to stay in touch with your team


Your own little oasis of calm.

Every band has management working away hard in the background, whether it’s Managers planning the next steps, Tour Managers working out how to take them, or Production Managers working out how to fit their production into that run of dates.

At Subfrantic we all do those jobs too, so we know just how important it is to make sure that side of the team are catered for.

Our Rehearsal Studio Production Office does just that. Kitted out with more desk space than you’re likely to need, WiFi and cabled connections to our dedicated leased line fibre and satellite internet systems, and customisable Alexa controlled lighting, you will find this space located on in the top floor attic just off the Green Room so you’re close enough to the action to stay in touch but removed enough to not have to make the tea.

Keep in touch with what’s going on with a screen linked to our IP CCTV system so you can always be in touch with the band and crew whilst giving them the space they need to do what they do best.

Features of our Production Office

The Office