Helping other rental companies meet rider and event specifications

Just because we bought it doesn't mean you can't play with it too

Specs are constantly changing and updating, staying on top of them can be a never ending and profoundly expensive undertaking.

It’s common for production companies to subhire to and from other production companies, and we do that too. If you’re a legitimate production company and you need to add a bit of kit to your gig to meet a spec or do something that’s a little larger than usual, or if your kit is out and you need to plug some gaps to make your event happen then we’d love to help.

This can be a desk, control package, or even just a microphone or two, or if you like we can come and handle your whole production under your name – there are no fixed rules as to how this works and we’re always up for a conversation and a challenge!

Have a look through our extensive rental inventory via the link below. If there’s anything that captures your imagination get in touch and we’d love to have a chat.